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 Moodies around the world



1996 - NIWS - Ivo Niehe Tros TV Show 


Some pictures from the concerts at the RAH London & the HMH Amsterdam October 2008

15th October 2008 - Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam

                                   December Snow                                                                           The other side of life



   6th October 2008 - Royal Albert Hall - London

                               Never comes the day                                                                       Are you sitting Comfortably                                                                    Question



October 2006 Forever Autumn - Royal Albert Hall - London 



October 2006 Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam 



2005 An audience with Justin  October 1st  



31-12-2004  Acoustic version of NIWS Dutch TV 



27-11-2004  50 Jahre Rock Love Songs ZDF



1998 Interview Justin BBC World - "Hard Talk"   look here for the clip



1996 NIWS on "5 uur show" Dutch TV    look here for the clip



1992 Had to fall in love Dutch TV


1991 Bless the Wings     (Thanks Ernst/Tjep for sharing this clip)

                                           look here for the clip


1989 The tracks of my tears by Justin Hayward




1989 Vincent by Justin Hayward Dutch TV



1989 Let it begin by Justin Hayward & Sally Oldfield   (with many thanks to "the greatest Moodies fan in Germany" for sharing it with us)  



1984 Running Water    (Tjep/Ernst, thanks for sharing this clip!)


1984 Leo Sayer & Justin Hayward     (Tjep/Ernst, thanks again!)



1970 It's Lulu - Question (with many thanks to Eoin Hurley for sharing it with us)




1969 Kremlin-Bicêtre, France - Legend of a Mind   (Thank you so much, Cécile, for sharing this beautiful clip with us!)


1969 Kremlin-Bicêtre, France - Never comes the day    (Again, thanks Cécile for sharing this beautiful clip with us!)



1969 Kremlin-Bicêtre, France - Backstage & tuning 



1969 Kremlin-Bicêtre, France - NIWS 



1969 Amsterdam Concert Hall - Gypsy 



1968 NIWS Prague     (Thanks Lukas for sharing this historical clip)



1968 Intro NIWS & 1969 Never comes the day 


Some pictures of my little brother the globetrotter here!